Your clock

Never mind that thing on your counter or wrist.
It's just an approximation
of your position on Earth,
and Earth's progress in its daily rotation.

You can read your clock
by the shadow of a memorial pillar,
its point gradually tracing
an almond-curve across the landscape.

Now take up your shrine
and move against the rotation of the Earth,
that is toward the West:
the shadow slows. Move East:
the shadow quickens.

Your friend standing to the North,
her shadow is longer, and moves quickly.
Every man and every woman has a clock,
of no use but true
to the minute and second,
each according to its relation to all.

Halloween in Salem

I've got a big weekend coming up in Salem, MA.

Thursday, kaosangre and I will fly out.

Friday will include a trip to Weiser Antiquarian and then dine with the officers of Knights Templar Oasis.

On Halloween, Saturday during the day, I will facilitate a 5-hour workshop on promulgation strategies. After this, we will hit the 17th century pedestrian mall of Salem, MA, teeming with 250,000 spooky revelers, ourselves armed to the teeth with literature about the Law of Thelema.

Sunday, at Noon I will facilitate a class on making music to accompany ritual. We'll then have brunch, and I will then offer another class, this time an examination of the symbolism of The Lord as it is employed in Liber XV: The Gnostic Mass. I'll then perform as Priest in the Mass, with illuminaut as Priestess and stevensteven as Deacon.

Monday we return home.

I am very excited about this weekend! Not only will I be able to do many of the things I love, but with some of my dearest friends.

Montana: Land of dignity and Freedom!

Montana may become the first U.S. state to rule that assisted suicide is a right guaranteed by the state's constitution.

"Lawyers on both sides [of the question of assisted suicide] say the Montana Supreme Court has a tradition of interpreting the State Constitution with [the inviolability of human dignity] in mind, with privacy rights and personal liberty often outweighing other concerns. The court ruled in 1997, for example, that Montana’s anti-sodomy laws were unconstitutional invasions of privacy." (NYT)

More: Politics Daily | NY Times | Missoulian

"Man has the right ... to die when and how he will." —Liber OZ, the Thelemic declaration of the rights of mankind.

TM / 50'~ Cambridge, MA

Throwing Muses / 50FootWave
Cambridge, MA - Mar 14, 2009 - 8:00pm

As it happens, I am going to be 20 minutes away from Cambridge that day. As I'm sure many of you could predict, there is no way that I am missing this concert.

Sorry guys, I'll be in the last wave of the party that night, but I'll spend the rest of the weekend with you.

Anyone else in the area care to go?


the gayatri mantra
an adoration of the moon

the moon reflects
the light of the sun

each of us is
sun and moon

the gnostic mass
a priest and a priestess

the priestess becomes one:
 father, son, holy spirit
upon the throne of the sun

the priest becomes none:
when all but thou are gone

each of us is
priestess and priest

Cycling question for the lazyweb

I need better tires on my bike. I'm a little confused about the measurements on the existing tires, which reads:

28-622 (700 x 28c - 28 x 15/8 x 11/8)

I get the ISO and metric numbers, but the English seems to have too many measurements, and I'm not sure which of these three measurement systems I should use, or if I need more information than this.

Also, any specific recommendations for commuter tires? I'm noticing that heavy tires are often tolerant of higher pressure (aka lower drag), which may mitigate the high momentum of the weight? I'm currently considering the Vittoria Zafirro and the Continental Ultra Gatorskin.

Slightly related: I put my back tire on backwards last time I changed the tube. Think it matters much?

Criteria of Truth

Here is some amateur philosophizing in case you haven't had enough of that on LJ.

gallows_brother made a good point in this thread (where you can read the whole comment rather than just the main point I'm responding to here) and I thought I'd share my response as a post because it brings up another topic of potential discussion that I find interesting.

Academia (e.g. people at Sorbonne, U of Amsterdam, and Exeter) seems to be moving strongly toward identifying western esoteric philosophy as a third stream of western thought which sits between religious and scientific thought. It's an interesting and compelling way to look at it. I'm only modestly familiar with the ideas, so hopefully I haven't gotten things wrong in what follows. If I did get it wrong, I trust you all will let me know :)

gallows_brother wrote: "It's way too easy to experience a phenomenon and say 'Aha! I know what that means.'" To this I responded:
That is very true and I don't disagree at all.

The kind of seeking and finding that I'm talking about is different from examining phenomena and coming to conclusions about them. Certainty doesn't need phenomenal evidence per se because it is self evident in all phenomena.

When one seeks evidence to validate it, that is the process of doubt rather than certainty, an equally valid operation in the epistemology of the scientific paradigm, which I agree must be subjected to the rigors of the scientific method to guard against the delusion you are very right to warn about.

I am suggesting here though that certainty partakes of the esoteric, revelatory paradigm and is a wholly different kind of knowledge than what science affords, with different criteria for truth, though it is simultaneously informed by, and informs, both religious and scientific thinking.


  • 77 = Γ Ο Δ
    • The square, the circle, the triangle
    • G∴O∴D∴
  • = עז : goat, strength, violence, glory
  • = גיחון : "bursting forth" 1) one of the four rivers of the Garden of Eden 2) a spring near Jerusalem where the anointing and proclaiming of Solomon as king took place
  • Liber LXXVII

High Times photo

I'm pictured in a High Times spread about EsoZone. I'm standing in my white robe, behind the guy with the skull mask.

The photos are swell. It's too bad about the article and quotations. At least the article didn't mention that the ritual started 2 hours late. I suppose in some circles, starting on "high time" is still de rigeur, and therefore not worth mentioning.

Antero Alli: "Let the energy be your boss." How the mighty have fallen.

The organizers worked very hard and earnestly on this event, and I applaud their efforts.

The stated purpose of the ritual (and the overall purpose of the event, it seemed) was to create an experience of communion among all those within the "big tent" of so-called "occulture." This purpose was partially filled, but there was an obvious polarization around the person of Aleister Crowley, whose visage was literally booed as it was projected on the wall in a series of esoteric luminaries.

I think next year I will be the boss of my energy and apply "the proper kind and degree of Force in the proper manner, through the proper medium to the proper object." I can't imagine that will include attending or participating in EsoZone. Nothing personal.

Social Networking in Brief

FaceBook is far superior to MySpace in every way that I can imagine, except two: 1) some few people on MySpace are not on FaceBook and 2) I understand that a big Chinese company owns a controlling share of FB, which makes me uncomfortable but I think we're far beyond the point of being able to defend our privacy.

Photos are particularly easy to manage in FaceBook.

LiveJournal is much better than both of the above for blogging purposes. It is also far easier to compartmentalize your audience with filters. Far fewer people are on LJ than the two above as well, so anything that is "friends only" cuts out the vast majority of people in the online world, which could be a good or bad thing depending. It's owned by a big Russian company that IME probably [redacted due to paranoia]. See what I mean about this whole privacy thing?

Twitter is the one ring to rule them all.

My public LJ posts show up on my website, Twitter and as notes to FaceBook. My FaceBook status updates and posted items also show up as tweets.

I've pretty much abandoned my personal MySpace profile, but once in a while I use it to communicate with specific individuals.

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