November 3rd, 2009

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Salem Halloween

As previously mentioned, big Halloween weekend for me. It was all amazing, and the hospitality afforded by stevensteven, illuminaut, and shepjoe was beyond generous.

I took some photos throughout the weekend, which are available here.

Some of the unplanned highlights included:
  • meeting the proprietors (if that is the correct title they hold, I don't know...) at Weiser Antiquarian; and getting the Progradior Correspondence personally signed by the editor at a discount; and a free, extremely well made Weiser canvas tote bag
  • stopping in York Beach, Maine for excellent chowder, fish & chips, etc. at the Lobster Barn
  • Maine salt-water taffy
  • home-made feasts included: chicken piccata, chicken nuggets, honey mustard tofu, mac & cheese, basil ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with homemade cookie dough, and more...

With respect to my previous post, Preaching Thelema, it's now a series with a theme song, and the next installment came from the weekend:

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Be sure to also check out stevensteven's report of the weekend. Three parts are now up and a fourth is promised.

There is still more to report about this Halloween weekend. See my next post for an announcement.
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About a year and a half ago, kaosangre and I began a journey together. Starting out in Salem, Massachusetts, we crossed the Atlantic and visited five European countries and made many friends over the course of six weeks. I still haven't finished posting the photos from that trip. As momentous and intense as the European trip was, it was to be the beginning of a much greater journey.

We went back to Salem for Halloween, as described in my previous post. In the midst of talking to costumed revelers on the streets about their freedom, I took the opportunity to take my beloved aside, to the North River Bridge where the first armed resistance against the British forces took place.

It was at this important symbol of the beginning of freedom in Western civilization that I asked her to make formal our natural marriage and celebrate it with a ceremony and feast. In short, I presented her with a family heirloom ring, asked her to marry me, and she said yes!