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Preaching Thelema

I just got back from promulgating, street preacher style. Video excerpt here:

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It was a really interesting experience. There was a particularly serendipitous occurrence, caught on video, where I was walking past a musician just as he sang the Grateful Dead lyric, "a friend of the devil is a friend of mine." He had recognized the Great Beast 666 booklet in my hand and made smiling eye contact with me as he sang this verse. Afterward I talked with him and he said he had found a booklet at the local anarcho-syndicalist vegan café, Red & Black.

A few people listened with interest and took booklets afterward. I heard one student (apparently with prior exposure to the material) explaining to his friends what I was about. At the beginning it was clear that people thought I was going to say the same old "Jesus saves" stuff and a number of people had question marks over their heads as I read Liber OZ. I think this all stirred up some curiosity.

I plan to go back soon if the weather holds.
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